My most recent programing has been in my favorite languages Python, R, and C++. Over the course of three decades, I've also programmed in Java, JavaScript and eight more programming languages.

A few other technologies in which I am experienced are SQL, CSS/HTML, Linux containers, bash, git, LaTeX, Jinja2, RPM, AWS, NGINX and doing too much in Excel.

Apart from programming languages and computer technologies, this list of 'Selected Books I Have Read' is representative of what I have independently studied and learned outside of any formal education program.


I earned a Masters in Mathematics in Finance from the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University, ranked #1 graduate school in applied mathematics. As an independent researcher, I published the peer reviewed paper "Leanest Quasi-Orderings" with Professor Nachum Dershowitz in the academic journal Information and Computation. I presented the paper at the 16th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications in Japan.

Genetic Reporting Service Gene Heritage

I developed the genetic reporting service Gene Heritage to make it easy for consumers to get genetic calculations I developed in an open-source R package.

Before starting Gene Heritage, I analyzed family DNA as a mathematical challenge in a new field. I generated reports for three generations of my family with raw DNA data. A year later, I launched Gene Heritage with Joe Silver, the Creative Director of Designomotion.

Independent Software Developer

In 2005, with the birth of my first child, I started working part-time from home as an independent software developer. I've developed quantitative software in a wide range of applications such as automated trading, statistical ETF arbitrage, phonetic analysis, statistical analysis, and extracting financial data.


Wall Street and Microsoft

Before working as an independent software developer, I worked at investment banks CSFB (Credit Suisse First Boston) and Bear Stearns. I worked in automated market making and financial analytics for traders. My work included developing a matrix-based expression language for defining multi-asset path-dependent derivative products and a program computing resource-intensive statistics from historical implied volatility of equity options.

My employment on Wall Street was immediately after getting a Masters in Mathematics in Finance. Before my time in finance, I worked in the software industry. I was a Program Manager for Microsoft on Internet Explorer during the "browser war" of the late 1990's. Following Microsoft, I joined silicon valley start-up Tellme Networks which later was aquired by Microsoft.

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